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At OXY LiveSAFE is Every day - at Work and at Home!

Two workers, working on a rig, wearing hard hats and smiling.


Core Values

At OXY LiveSAFE is a value, a core principle and a fundamental belief, that guides our attitudes, choices, and actions in all respects. Every day - at Work and at Home!

At OXY we want all employees, leased workers and 3rd party contractors to embrace the LiveSAFE culture:

  • Reach Out, build relationships - get to know the people you work with.

  • Do it Right - follow procedures, use the right tools, work slow and safe because safe is faster than being shut down due to an incident or injury.

  • Recognize the Hazards be aware of your surroundings and the potential hazards of your work.

  • LiveSAFE is a personal and organizational commitment that everyone goes home to their families’ every day without being injured or involved in incidents where injury is the likely outcome.

  • LiveSAFE is not a number, target or result; it is not “zero.” It is about people and is a mindset intolerant of any level, frequency or severity of injury. It is about the genuine care and concern for everyone in our lives and treating all with dignity and respect. 

  • LiveSAFE requires a passion for the possibility of eliminating all incidents and injuries at work and at home.