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Contractor Safety

A very warm welcome to Occidental’s U.S. Offshore Health and Safety Contractor website.

At dusk, the sun’s rays illuminate an offshore oil rig, casting a warm glow across the water.

Our Mission

Contractor teams, 

My mission, vision, and values are simply stated as “HSE Excellence”.  For me, HSE is non-negotiable.   

I remain 100% committed that care for your safety, your well-being as well as the protection of the environment and our assets is our number 1, top priority and before-anything-else we do at Oxy.  

In our GOM operations, we promote a deep-founded culture of safety.  We call this our LiveSAFE culture.  By joining and practicing our LiveSAFE program, you are empowered to express any concerns and take appropriate actions to ensure that you not only take care of your own safety but also watch out for the well-being of those around you.  You have the authority and responsibility to stop any work that appears unsafe. Your actions can make a real difference in preventing accidents and ensuring everyone's well-being.  

So, we’ve specially created this website to provide you with a ready summary of some of the requirements for safely performing your day-to-day activities. We encourage you to keep this website within easy reach and use it frequently.  By utilizing the knowledge and resources presented on this website, we can shape a future where accidents are minimized, risks are managed, and everyone returns home safely. 

Together, let's reinforce our workplace culture where safety thrives, enabling us to achieve success while protecting what matters most—our people. 

My best wishes to each of you for a safe and rewarding journey with us at Occidental! 



Andy Kershaw 

Executive Vice President 

U.S. Offshore